We have a range of services as seen below:

Event Advertising
We have a very specific target audience here on GirlyGeekdom of technologists, scientists and engineers. As such we love to show our readers events that may be of interest to them. Be that paid for or free events. We do try to get the best offers and deals for our readers, as such if you provide your event details along with a good discount code then we’ll offer you our event slot for free. However if there are no discounts we will charge you to advertise your event. When your even is posted on our site it also gets sent out on our Twitter account to wide range of technologists along with being posted on our site itself.

We have a simple pricing structure of £100 per event advert, for bulk purchases please contact us directly.

GirlyGeekdom Events 

Paid for Content

Paid for Content Option 1:

If you want us to write about your brand or products then we do offer a sponsored posts option, however these are not adverts and we do write honestly about them.  This is classed as a product review and if it a product that we have not used already we do require a sample to do a proper review.

Pricing: £180 per article.

Option 2: You provide the post content and can include up to 2 links.  The content must be educational to our readers and not be of a marketing or promotional nature.  It must be balanced and of some value to our readers.  We will review and recommend adjustments as we see fit.  You are allowed to include 2 images or 1 non promotional video within the article.

Pricing: £150 per article.

Option 3:  You require a link to be included in a past article that we have written.  This link must be related to the content within the article and not completely random.

Pricing: £100 per link.

We do not allow content that is unsuitable for anyone under the age of 18 such as porn, gambling etc.

Drop us a quick email to let us know if you are interested in any of the above services to sarah at girlygeekdom dot com.