Computer Energy Saving – Start Your PC Faster

When trying to save on energy costs, leaving a PC on overnight for a full year can cost $360 in energy, depending on where you live. That’s a new netbook, or the price of an energy efficient monitor.

So it is of interest to most people to turn off their PCs (not just the monitor) while they aren’t using them. However, there’s a reason why most people leave their PCs or Macs running when they aren’t using them. We don’t want to wait two minutes for a computer to start. We want it to load now. Right now.

What’s the solution? Getting computers logged on and ready at ultra fast speeds, so you don’t feel like you need to leave your computer on in order to get a jump start. How can an average geek girl do this? Simple solutions are always best.

Clean Up, Clean Out

Computers need regular clean ups. That’s why most people recommend defragmenting and running disk clean up software at least once a week. These are good habits to get in to, however, there’s additional things you can also do.

You could also clean out registries. You can also turn off unused background software that you don’t use. Did you know iTunes often starts up in the background when you start up your computer, even if you haven’t clicked on the program yet?

Yes, you could hit Control, Alt, Delete and then take off the individual programs one by one… but it’s after they’ve been loaded, and a lot of work if you are wanting to turn off your computer every night.

You could do all of these things individually, or you could get a program that does it all for you, all at once. Programs like System Mechanic will take care of the defragmenting, cleaning disks, registry clean up, and more. I’ve used it on my PC for a few of weeks, and from the first time I used it, it boosted starting my PC from a few minutes, to a few seconds. Brilliant.

Dumping The Unwanted

Unwanted software is often cluttering up my PC. You know what I mean. That software someone promised would be great. That game you played twice and then went back to World of Warcraft. Spacemonger helps identify large quantities of space being used up by your programs and then you can choose what to extract, where to move things too, etc. Sometimes you discover files you never even knew you had, like those programs you downloaded and forgot about.

So store them away on an external hard drive. Don’t have one? Buy a small, easy to use one like Verbatim or similar.

How does this save energy? Your computer doesn’t have to work so hard loading up your computer when you unload all of that data somewhere else. Start up is the big eater of energy. Your computer loads faster as well when it has plenty of free space on it.

Do you have some tips on getting your PC to run faster? Want to share? Leave a comment!