3 Questions: Rebecca Caroe

Rebecca CaroeName: Rebecca Caroe

Role: Business Development Consultant

1. What is your current job and what are the best and most challenging parts of it?

My current job is marketing and business development and I am self employed. The best part of my job is the flexible working and good money for good work and success fees. My biggest challenge is continuing to find new clients and projects that allow me to ‘push the boundaries’ for new marketing, esp online / digital / social media.
2. What got you into technology, science or engineering? And who inspires you in these fields?

I got into IT by mistake, a boyfriend bought me an early PDA and I loved using it. I found that I took the time to learn how to use the functionality of software at work and enjoyed databases – building, managing and outputting insightful information. Every new job I took enabled me to find new databases, new gadgets and new software to achieve what I wanted to do for the marketing programme.

3. What advice would you give to any young person looking to get into your field?

Advice – speak to older people about what they did, keep your eyes open for new tech and find out about it or go try it in a shop when it arrives, find yourself a mentor who will give you advice for free once a quarter about your current studies / project / job. Use the full resources of the internet to find like minded people and inspirational people’s blogs to read. These give me my best ideas which when I present them to clients they think I’m marvellous!

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