3 Questions: Vicki Kolovou

Name: Vicki Kolovou

Role: Web Entrepreneur at netWire

1. What is your current job and what are the best and most challenging parts of it?

My current job is in website development. I have recently added mobile app development to our projects. The best part is that it’s a completely new and challenging media (Internet) where the roads are still being paved. Hundreds of things are happening at every moment and you always have to try to keep ahead. Meeting new people and trying to convince them that they need all this technology they have no idea about is a lot of fun :)

2. What got you into technology, science or engineering? And who inspires you in these fields?

My ex-husband got me into computers 20 years ago and I am here to stay. I’m inspired by where this could lead us. I believe we live in the beginning of a completely new era (something liek the industrial revolution). Sometimes I understand how it must have been for Ford at the beginning of the previous century.

3. What advice would you give to any young person looking to get into your field?

Be willing to work hard, read a lot, listen plenty and be innovative. Don’t be afraid to dare.

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Vicki Kolovou

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