Using MEF with Castle Windsor

It’s been a while since I last posted but that’s because I’ve been really busy completing year 4 of my degree (only 2 more to go!) and starting a new job! Anyway I finally got around to posting some of the new stuff I’ve been learning and for this instalment I’ve created a video cast on the basics of getting MEF to integrate with Castle Windsor.

Why would you do that I hear you ask? Apart from it being pretty cool ;) It means that you don’t have one central place that you are registering everything with Windsor. Each project takes care of it’s own registration making the application less tightly coupled and easier to extend. I think it looks pretty tidy and there is so much more you can do with it than I’ve done with this little app but it’s just there to serve as a foundation. Have a play see what you think and let me know about the interesting things you’ve done with it. I’ve uploaded the code here if you want to pull it down and have a play.

S :)

If the below video isn’t showing you can see it on vimeo here or youtube here.

Using MEF with Castle Windsor from Sara on Vimeo.

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