What do Skiing, Snowboarding & C Have in Common?

C Jump Game

C Jump

A short while ago I came across a fantastic little tweet courtesy of my lovely followers!  It was all about a new board game which I’m hoping to get my hands on to review and see how good it is.  In essence it’s a board game that teaches the fundamentals of object orientated programming through a board game.  The board game is focused on something that many young people may well enjoy anyway! Skiing and Snowboarding!

With my holidays all planned for Snowboarding the timing for this little game is pretty much ideal! There’s even a Teachers Guide!  I suspect many don’t keep an eye on what Microsoft are up to well this game has been on their radar for some time.  They wrote about the concept of this game back in 2005 along with Wired.com!  The irony is that 5 years on this game is still as relevant today as it was back then!

So why the come back with this little game… How come it’s just hit Twitter 5 years on?  Well for those who love coding and want to encourage children into it, you’ll be interested to hear that SourceForge and C-Jump have partnered up for the latest release of Common Text Transformational Library. As a result the game has once again grabbed people’s attention and is one of those games that just won’t die!

If you’re into educational technology and engaging young people to learn programming then this is an interesting concept.  Please do take a peak!

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