Ferguson Hill Launch the FH009

Do you remember the interview that we did last year with Timothy Hill of Furguson Hill the sound company?  In case you don’t here’s the link to the geeky video.  Well Ferguson Hill are back with their latest home theatre system.  This one probably won’t make our gadget christmas list as it’s more expensive than many would spend on a present. However it does look interesting.

Featuring the company’s classic horn shaped speaker units that Ferguson Hill is renowned for; the system delivers dynamic, powerful, pin-drop clear sound and brings a unique, elegant design to any home cinema set-up.

Minimalist, beautiful and unobtrusive, the FH009’s art-deco influenced design oozes glamour and sophistication. Suited to the design aficionado, audiophile or movie buff, the chic exterior is matched by the sound system’s incredible performance. Constructed from high-quality, strong transparent acrylic, the FH009 provides a sensationally stylish look whilst delivering subtle and totally unique sound to a TV system.  The stunning speaker units will prove to be as much of a talking point as the movies themselves.

“I’ve been consumed by a passion for music, sound and design since I was very young,’ explains Tim Hill, former aeronautical design engineer and founder of Ferguson Hill. ‘More and more people are now investing in home cinema and consumers are for a design aesthetic that really stands out. This was the inspiration for the FH009, to produce a fantastic sounding home theatre system that also looked beautiful. I wanted to create very minimal looking speakers that would complement the living space whilst also making a statement. The signature horn shape is a nod to the classic horn speakers of 1930’s cinema which I think lends the FH009 an air of grace and style.”

The system owes its outstanding sound quality to the unique design; the patented di-polar horn speakers (wall mounted or free-standing) eliminate the interference that can come with standard encased or boxed speaker systems. Using horn loaded drivers, the FH009 allows sound to be more easily magnified at the frequency range the human ear is most sensitive to. Because the system focuses on this range – which corresponds to the human voice – it produces a natural, warm sound that has depth, clarity and range.

The FH009’s robust, stylish integrated amplifier (available in white or gloss black) is the only class A-B amplifier that can be found in systems anywhere near its price range. The transconductance-voltage amp is made of more than 4lbs of high quality copper, along with high spec capacitors powering the speaker’s neodymium magnets. The system uses the best and most expensive materials to ensure that there is no compromise on build quality and sound experience. The plug and play amp will work with any device with an audio-out line so works with a TV, DVD/Blue-Ray player, games console, Hi-Fi, MP3 player or wireless base station meaning streaming music from a PC, laptop or tablet device is easy.

Dr Bradford C. Backus, Ferguson Hill’s Head of Acoustics and Chief Technical Officer, from UCL’s Ear Institute, helped refine the FH009’s audio capabilities to produce the world class sound. Holding a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Speech and Hearing Biosciences and Technology, Backus also trained in acoustics under Dr. Amar Bose and previously worked for Bose Corporation.

Pricing and Availability

The FH009 Home Theatre Speaker System will be showcased at CES Unveiled, London on Thursday 17th November 2011 and will be available in December from www.fergusonhill.co.uk.  Leading independent UK retailers will also be stocking the system.

The FH009 is priced at £795.95.


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