Lindy Noise Cancelling Headphone Review

Have you ever wondered if noise cancelling headphones are really worth the money?  After all they tend to be expensive, heavy and look huge on your head right?  Well actually that’s not quite the case. We got sent these Noise Cancelling headphones from Lindy to take a look at and they are only £39.99 which really isn’t  a bad price for active noise cancelling headphones.

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By Kara Allyson

The headphones are quite light and fold up into a neat tidy bundle, they include A carry bag, in-flight adapter, 1.2m cable, and 6.3mm stereo adapter. The package looks pretty smart and bag keeps everything together. In terms of sound these headphones pack a reasonable punch with  40mm driver units built into the ear pads.  The ear pads are soft and comfortable, in terms of the sound they have a fair bit of base and whilst they aren’t the best pair of headphones in terms of sound quality that I’ve ever used they do feel very comfortable and in high noise environments such as the train or car or plane they are really quite good.  The active noise cancellation works well even in a quiet room to cut out the person next to you typing on their keyboard whilst you have the music on leaving you able to concentrate on what you are trying to get done yourself. In my case it was writing this post! They can cancel out up to 16dB of noise which minimises the disturbance of ambient noise… perfect when you don’t want to listen ti the washing machine going whilst working at home.

I took a couple of pictures of the packaging as well as the headphones themselves so that you can take a peak at the spec and everything that comes wiht them. Lindy seem to be pretty good at getting products out fast too! I was pleasantly surprised to see these get to me the next day and ironically I’ve taken a while to write about them just because I’ve actually been using them when concentrating on getting things done!


Lindy is a relatively unknown brand and as a result probably aren’t what you would think of as your first choice for a pair of headphones.  In fact you’d probably look at the Sennheiser, Sony, Panasonic or Philips branded headphones. But these are a competitive offering. If you want a professional opinion then What HiFi is a good place to compare the different prices and headphones as they have a huge range and rate these really well.


These are headphones that I’d use in the office and travelling where comfort is valued over form factor. I think for travelling to and from the office I’d go more with something smaller and in ear. My two criticisms of these headphones are that the cable is a bit short and that the build quality with the folding mechanism will probably means that these headphones won’t last as long as those that are just solid. I had a minor hiccup with one ear today whilst doing the review but a bit of wiggling about and they were back working again. Although even that’s nothing to worry about really as these do come with a 2 year guaruntee, so I could just simply send them back.

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  1. I got a pair of Goldring NS1000 headphones for £50 ( quite often have them on offer). They are brilliant (5 stars on What Hi Fi at £100). If you see them cheap, my advice is buy them!