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touch speaker

Keep things lively with the Touch Speaker

Innovative gift and gadget developer thumbsUp! announces a new wireless/cableless speaker to market. The Touch Speaker hits the market as demand for smartphone-compatible portable music devices continues to build: this elegant option allows you to simply place your phone on the speaker to amplify your sound on the go.

The Touch Speaker isone of the first devices to use debut wireless NearFA™ (Near Field Audio) technology. There is no need to configure any wireless settings or plug in cables, just set your device on the speaker and enjoy your amplified sound. With a lightweight modern design finished in a grey silicone protector, this speaker will become your ultimate music travel companion.

Boasting a powerful2.5W x 2 RMS output,the thumbsUp! Touch Speaker is compatible with most iOS devices as well as Android and other phones containing an inbuilt mobile speaker. There is also an optional 3.5mm jack connection to ensure you will always have the option to amplify sound on the go. The Touch Speaker takes 3 x AA Batteries.

The Touch Speaker will be available in January 2013 RRP £29.99

Look out for the GirlyGeekdom review of this gadget later this month to see if it stands up to the marketing information!

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