Orbitsound T12 v3 Review

I’ve been “playing” with the latest Orbitsound device, the Orbitsound T12 V3 which is a long slim speaker system. The speaker has a slot for an iPhone/ iPod so that you can play your music through it but it’s really set up as a living room sound system that sits really nicely underneath the TV.

The speaker comes with your choice of cover colours and I decided that red would be best as the theme for my living room is red, gold and brown. Amazingly the shade of red was perfect for the room. I couldn’t have asked for better aesthetically speaking. It looks great. I did have to look around to find a good place to put the rather large boom box that comes with it but it’s definitely worth having it all hooked up correctly otherwise you don’t get the sound depth that this device is capable of.

Take a look at the pictures to find out more:

Once I had the whole thing set up properly it was fairly plain sailing. I even programmed the EchoStar remote to turn the volume up & down on the Orbitsound speaker system. Unfortunately though the range that the Orbitsound uses is too close to some of the other menu options on the EchoStar and from time to time you find bizarre behaviour with menu’s popping up at the same time as changing the volume, or accidentally turning the Orbitsound off without meaning to. So be warned too many devices with similar IR frequencies can be a bit frustrating. It makes me thing we should have defined IR frequencies for each company. But that would be far too organised!

Onto the sound… That’s what you all really want to know about isn’t it… Well compared with standard TV audio this device is a revelation and I’ll definitely miss it when it has to go back as this one’s a loan device.

Generally the sound isn’t bad but from time to time it’s a bit too overbearing as the base is not particularly well controlled. It can be a challenge watching some films with it as the base drowns out the voices of the actors. For gaming however when I was using the XBox it was awesome! All those big booms were really big! It also performed pretty well when listening to classical music but modern music just wasn’t good. It’s such a shame as a bit more control on the base would make this device perfect.

It’s size is just right, it’s not too big and it blends into any environment. It has all the controls that you would expect and the integration with the iPod can be displayed directly on the TV. The only other thing that lets the device down is the remote that it comes with. It looks OK from the front but the thin form factor and small remote with a cheap feeling plastic back just doesn’t reflect the rest of the device or the cost of the system as a whole. I don’t think it is unreasonable to expect a remote to feel nice in your hand and easy to find.

Maybe I’m just fussy about sound and the feel of the remote! If you look on Amazon and other places the reviews are good but I personally don’t feel that they reflect the cost of the device. At £299 this is a fairly hefty investment in sound technology and you would expect it to be pretty close to perfect. I’m hoping that the issues get resolved in a future version

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