Women in Games Day at Develop 2010

Industry veteran Sheri Graner-Ray is the keynote speaker at the Women in Games day at the Develop Conference on Thursday 15th July 2010. The day is devoted to discussions around the role of women in the games industry, future developments in female focussed gameplay and issues of diversity both in research and development. Check out the womeningames.com website for the latest info.

About Sheri Graner-Ray

Sheri Graner Ray is a Senior Designer with Schell Games and heads up their satellite studio in Austin, Texas, USA. She has been in the game industry since 1989 and has worked for such companies as Electronic Arts, Origin Systems, Sony Online Entertainment and Cartoon Network. During her career she has worked with such licenses as Star Wars Galaxies, Ultima, FusionFall, and Nancy Drew. She is author of the book, “Gender Inclusive Game Design- Expanding the Market” and is one of the game industry’s leading experts on gender and computer games. In 2005 she was awarded the IGDA’s Game
Developer’s Choice award for her work in gender and games and she is currently serving as the chair of Women In Games International; an organization she co-founded. She was a keynote speaker at the first Women inGames conference in 2004.

Booking for Women in Games at Develop

This is a free event, however there are limited spaces and you will need to register if you wish to attend. Details at www.womeningames.com


Thanks to Interactive Selection (www.interactiveselection.com) who are our main 2010 sponsor. Concept Share (www.conceptshare.com) is sponsoring Sheri Graner-Ray.

About Sarah Lamb

Sarah is a freelance writer with a masters degree in Computer Science. Sarah writes about innovation, technology and social media. She has a keen interest in gender diversity with the IT sector and founded Girl Geek Dinners in 2005