As many of you may have seen, Google today 7th September 2010 put our a new interactive logo consisting of coloured dots relating to particles in the standard Google colours. The logo is interactive in the sense that you move the mouse towards the dots and they swish out of the way as if repelled by the mouse. Similarly you can shake the screen and mix them up and when they settle again they show the Google Logo in dots.

There has been a lot of questions over what the meaning of the latest logo is and one thing that many people seem to have forgotten is that on the 7th September 1998 Google opened it’s doors to it’s first offices after gaining angel investment from friends, family and angel investors moving out of the garage of Brin and Page. 12 years on and the mass of servers and hardware that is Google is still going strong! Not sure that I’m right with the date, check it out here. There did used to be a document up on the about section of Google’s site but that appears to have been taken down at some point in the last couple of years.

If you want to know how Google created their HTML5 demo piece, take a look at the reverse engineered solution from Christian Heilmann.  So is this Google showing off their engineering prowess on their birthday or are they really going to surprise us with a Particle Physicist’s birthday as well today!?  They usually celebrate it on either the 7th or 27th September! I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

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