South West Trains Complaint Form

Yesterday a number of Geeks and Girl Geeks ended up involved with a rescue mission after South West Trains failed to deliver any of them to their homes last night!

St. @actionlamb our super hero came to the rescue after seeing on Twitter that we were stranded in and enroute from London to our respective homes and came to the rescue in his ActionCab (aka car) Going from Basingstoke area all the way to London via West Byfleet to pick up the stranded Geeks! I was one of them!

South West Trains failed twice big style this week and we’ve basically had enough!

Here’s the blank complaint form in case you too can’t get hold of one from your local station and want to complain about the delays from this week!!! Also some of the folks on the trains have said they are going to request their local MP to call in the South West Trains directors to find out what needs to be done to stop this stuff from happening in the future.

SWT Complaint Form

@actionlamb was awesome! He came to London to rescue us, picked us up, avoided a traffic cone thrown at the taxi in front of us… Didn’t get upset that the junction off of the M25 was closed for West Byfleet… picked up @motoko_k who had been sat on her train for 3+ hours having witnessed the pulling of the emergency cord and people escaping from their train onto the line.  Then continued home and got pulled by the police coz we had lots of people in the car. They thought we might be burglars… instead they found tired, frustrated geeks trying to get home with their hero still incredibly patient going through the motions with the police (who should have really been on the hunt for the cable thieves!). And eventually after dropping @benjaminellis and @andypiper at Farnborough and then @motoko_k at Basingstoke station got me home at 1:30am!

@actionlamb is my hero! And my fiancée! I’m so very lucky!

PS. This is worth a read regarding the passengers charter apparently yesterday’s events count as void Days. The form relating to this is this one when you go to renew your season ticket you’ll need the updated version of this to get your refund on a season ticket!

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5 thoughts on “South West Trains Complaint Form

  1. So if a void day I have to wait until November when my season ticket ends and then hope they give me compensation? That seems like a bit of a dodge to me! Let’s hope goes better tonight, already have a 15mins delay for train I am waiting for.

    • You and me both, I can\’t even manually buy my ticket at my local station it has to be bought on the ticket machine so they duck out far to easily. The process should be automated for season ticket holders I think!

  2. To be honest Sarah, you are astoundingly lucky – @ActionLamb is an awesome guy and I really appreciated your (joint) generosity in getting me home. Thanks so much!

    Glad to see that SWT have finally issued an apology for what was appalling communication and treatment of passengers, including many of our friends from various communities both online and offline!