Paper prototypes on your iPhone


This week a colleague sent me a link to POP App, a new tool for making paper prototypes interactive using your iPhone.

POP allows you to take photos of your paper prototype using the app and then highlight link spots so that users can move between pages.


It’s super easy to use, and once you have completed your prototype you can share it with other POP users or with anyone over the internet.

Here’s my first project – a cave adventure.!/projects/51cf24d8012b36cb0e0006f7/preview

About Zoe Cunningham

Zoe Cunningham has been working in technology for over 12 years and is currently Managing Director at Softwire Technology. In her spare time she volunteers with a Ghanaian development charity, produces and presents two radio shows and plays backgammon to world class level (she won the Ladies' World Championship in 2010!).