Spying Addicts: Who they are and how to know if you are one.

Conquering the unknown requires knowledge and to gain that knowledge we need to learn or extract information somewhere. When we use cell phone or computer monitoring software we are actually conquering the unknown by getting proper “data nourishment” from the information that it collects.

However, depending on the level and quality of information that we obtain, the data that these spying software collect might actually lead us to become more anxious. The small fragmented “bits of the unknown” that are scattered between regular information (like ambiguous but suggestive text messages for example) might make our assumptions incomplete, and worse, could even turn it upside down.

What’s the solution to prevent this from happening? We could gather more and more information from our cell phone or computer monitoring software. But as we try to track down a person more frequently, we are actually getting closer and closer to becoming what is known as a spying addict.

Who is a Spying Addict?

Spying addicts are the ones who use cell phone and computer monitoring software at an alarmingly high frequency rate, way more than how the software should originally be used. Originally, we refer to a spying addict when we talk about a person who has an unhealthy obsession of following and tracking down people that they want to tail. The term was eventually modified so that it could semantically mean someone who is crazed at using cell phone or computer monitoring software.

Make no mistake though, not all frequent users of tracking software can be considered as spying addicts, only those who go way beyond what was intended for them.

Here is a simple guide that would help us determine if we ourselves could be a spying addict:

  • You keep checking your cell phone or computer monitoring software at a very high frequency (e.g. once every few seconds or minutes), even if you are quite sure that you would not intercept a message or phone call at that time.
  • You have a deep passion to research the tiniest bit of information that would yield a positive result on your investigation. For example, you immediately become excited when you hear key phrases in a text message that MIGHT prove your suspicions.
  • You use a multitude of different cell phone or computer monitoring software for different kinds of tracking activities, sometimes even using two or more of them simultaneously when needed.

Determining the Negativity of Being a Spying Addict

Knowing whether being a spying addict or not would require us to look at the results of a spying addict’s actions. If the person is simply a data collection hobbyist, or doesn’t have any plans to use the data to exploit something in a negative way, then we could say that being a spying addict is neutral.

If there is a considerable level of harm however, then we could regard the person’s crazed spying bouts as bad. Take a look at some of the possible negative results of being a spying addict:

  • Engages in trivial arguments fueled by an ambiguous set of data that they have collected.
  • Severely restricting the level of freedom of the target phone user by spotting every single wrong point in their phone usage.
  • If the information collected would be used to misdirect or fool a person into a dangerous and possible deadly situation.
  • Incurs considerable mental stress due to the impulsive need to continuously monitor the target phone’s user at all times.


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