I came across this classic idea today. Everyone in tech surely has heard of buzzword bingo. Well here is one of those girly classics (or at least it will be some day!) “Girl Geek Stereotype Bingo” This scorecard should be in every girl geek’s pocket at events, and when reading those classic articles on geekdom!

I have to say I wish I had done the original myself! Although I would no doubt have got totally and utterly flamed for it!

Quoting the original:

Basically the rules are that when you see a media article, blog post, or anything else talking about women in relation to a geeky hobby (gaming, technology, science, etc) you pull out this scorecard and mark down which points the article touches on. If you get three in a row (diagonal counts), you win! If you get blackout, you win even more!

What do you win? Well, the satisfaction of knowing that you have made fun of yet another stupid article on women geeks. You can also link your scorecard (and any post that you made in relation to the bingo — using the scorecard isn’t mandatory, but I think it’s a cute visual) on this thread and, if you do a post, I might just highlight it here or on TIN’s forums.

So girls print it out and do report back on what you find! Have some fun and see how quickly at events you manage to complete this bingo card! Who knows, as other phrases come about maybe you can come up with a whole series of cards for the girls to print out!

About Sarah Lamb

Sarah is a freelance writer with a masters degree in Computer Science. Sarah writes about innovation, technology and social media. She has a keen interest in gender diversity with the IT sector and founded Girl Geek Dinners in 2005

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