Word Cloud

A few weeks ago, I visited the very impressively named Academy for Chief Executives (yes, I did feel important).

Amongst many interesting things that I learned while I was at the academy, one of the things that most caught my attention was a 50 word Word Cloud by group leader and management expert Glenn Watkins (@glennwatkins), with which he introduced himself.

Glenn believes that writing down 50 words can be a great way to help you think about yourself, or any challenge that you are facing. It can also be a great technique for writing an article – I shall use it on my next blog post!

Inspired by Glenn, I decided to write my own word cloud. Often people can struggle to find enough words. In that case you can try thinking about what words your friends or partner might choose – would they be the same as yours? I had the opposite problem when thinking of words – my unedited list contains 97, nearly double the target.

This is the unedited list. I like to think that I can now pick and choose a subset depending on what impression I want to give my target audience.

This post first appeared on Zoe Cunningham’s blog.

About Zoe Cunningham

Zoe Cunningham has been working in technology for over 12 years and is currently Managing Director at Softwire Technology. In her spare time she volunteers with a Ghanaian development charity, produces and presents two radio shows and plays backgammon to world class level (she won the Ladies' World Championship in 2010!).