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GirlyGeekdom is back with a new look, some new subject areas and two new mini geek reviewers! (Little Lamby and Micro Lamby aka the boys)  After all we can’t properly review gadgets for children without any children to test them out with.  These little ones make for tough reviewers so look out tablets, laptops and mobile phones… you will be dropped, trodden on and generally tested to your limits!

To reflect the changes to our geek family dynamic GirlyGeekdom has a few new subject areas including home technology gadgets and the odd parenting article.  As time is of the essence the site is only going to be showcasing gadgets that save time, money or my sanity!  That’s what happens when you have two under two!

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GirlyGeekdom gets a redesign and a new look

  • Moto 360 Gen 2 – Ladies Edition – Yes it’s on order and due to arrive on the 19th October so look out for my video and review!
  • Christmas Wishlist – A few things that I’ve noticed that I think would make for great Christmas gifts this year.
  • Philips Airfryer – One of the most used gadgets in our house… I’ll share with you why I love it and how we use it in our house.
  • Panasonic Lumix DMC-G5 review – A recent gift from my husband after I lost my old camera out in Norway earlier in the year. Having gone from a high end snappy cam to a mirrorless micro four thirds I thought this might make interesting reading for anyone else looking to do the same.
  • Ozobot Vs Sphero – Which is more fun for the family?

I hope you enjoy the new look website and our new direction. Let me know of any gadgets that you think I should try out and if you are a brand owner who wants to see how your gadgets fare in our house get in touch!

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