5 Things to do when Facebook is down…

Many of you are sat there wondering what to do with yourselves whilst Facebook is down… Well here are a few simple ideas:

  1. Try a new or different social media platform.  Most people have reverted to Twitter or G+ whilst Facebook sort out their site but why not also consider browsing a few pinboards on Pinterest or even taking a look at some of the free courses on Udemy.
  2. It’s sunny outside here in the UK… why not make the most of having a proper break and going for a short walk. After all Facebook is never down for long!
  3. Focus on the work that you were meant to be doing rather than procrastinating further. Yes I know that sounds harsh but many of us sit reading Facebook as a distraction from the mundane. Write your to do list and start working through it now before that distraction comes back on.
  4. Go and have a cup of tea/ coffee and network with colleagues in real life. It’s amazing how much you learn from real in person interaction rather than just the online stuff.
  5. Keep refreshing the page and wait for Facebook to return… after all you were going to do that anyway… right!

If you liked these tips please share them with your friends and colleagues. Before you know it your favourite social network will be back up and running!

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