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Are smart phones getting too big?

Smart phones seem to be growing and growing in size over the past few years but unless you are a child your hands just aren’t growing at the same rate… What can you do to combat the ever increasing screen size without compromising on usability?

It seems like smaller screen phones just aren’t in fashion any more… the bigger the screen the better.  As someone with smallish hands I have found that many of todays phones are just too big and I struggle to reach the edges without feeling like I’m going to drop my phone so I bought a nifty little gadget called a bunker ring.  What on earth is that… well here’s a picture of it…

A Bunker Ring - Fits to the back of your phone and is reusable.
A Bunker Ring – Fits to the back of your phone and is reusable.

As you can see this looks a bit odd but it is about an inch in height and about 5mm in depth so it doesn’t add any bulk really to your phone. the ring rotates 360 degrees and you slip your finger through it and it provides that much needed support for your phone when you can’t get your hand to the edges without shifting the weight of it. They are cheap £5.29 on Amazon and the sticky pad is reusable and it fits to any phone. Just be careful how you take it off so you don’t damage your case as the adhesive is pretty strong.

There was an interesting article fairly recently on how to design for thumbs over on Gizmodo recently which some of you designers may find interesting.

I also quite liked this article by WSJ on how to find the phone to fit your hand size. With the bunker ring you can safely go up 1 screen size from what you would normally feel comfortable using. I double checked it against the WSJ article and from real life usability tests with a range of phones that I had to hand at home.

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