Philips Kids Headphones – Volume Capped!

We often review headphones here on GirlyGeekdom however it is rare that we have headphones sent that are designed and made especially for children and that is what happened this week!  Philips have just released their Kids headphones which are suitable from 3 years old +.  These headphones are volume capped to 85Db to protect your childs hearing.  My son and I took the headphones for a bit of a spin.  It’s his first ever gadget review and we hope you like it!


These headphones feature an adjustable headband which is nice and thick which feels very similar in many ways to the premium headphones that you find on adult headphones.  In fact the general construction mimics these very well.  They are very lightweight so your child doesn’t feel weighed down by bulky headphones.  The maximum volume is great as it means that you don’t have to worry about the volume being too high.  Now I did put these on myself and run them through their paces. Lucky for me the headband does extend to my size!  I also put them on my little boy and they fit him just as well!

Whilst the volume will go to 85Db I actually found as an adult this was pretty loud.  You wouldn’t need them this loud unless you were on a plane or if you are a teen then maybe you would! Who am I to say how loud you have your music! 😉  At least you won’t damage your hearing and end up with the likes of tinitis with these!  The cushions on the headphones are noise isolating which is handy for any parent who doesn’t want the noise pollution of their childs music in the car! And yes it does work….

The thing that pleasantly surprised me with these headphones was the quality of sound being put through them.  It was crisp and clear.  I don’t think of Philips and sound as something that they do really but these were a nice surprise.  This sound quality is created by the Neodymium speaker drivers which are the best material for producing a strong magnetic field for greater sensitivity in a voice coil; better base response and a pure balanced sound quality.  Something that wasn’t initially apparent was that these headphones don’t have a single screw in them which allows the headphone parts to pop off and on making them more durable.

What would I change… well whilst these look great the plastic feels cheap and the cushioning is that cheap feeling foam from headphones of the 80’s.  I’d have preferred it to have been softer and of a higher quality but at £21.95 they are a good purchase.

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