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Ted Baker Rockall On-Ear Headphones Review

The Ted Baker Rockall On-Ear headphones have been out for a while now and I was lucky enough to give them a go from early on.  This review covers these headphones being tested over the period of 3 months. And I have to say I have not been disappointed.


These headphones are by far the most fashionable and stylish pair of headphones I have had the pleasure to review. They are both feminine and functional. I reviewed the white and gold edition and they certainly turn heads and start conversations and in a good way. People ask where you got them from, who makes them what the sound quality is like. Honestly they are both high fashion and very comfy.


These headphones have a built in inline mic and volume control meaning that you don’t have to take your phone out of your pocket to turn the volume up and down and if a call comes in you can just press a button and answer. I tested this functionality out at the airport a couple of weeks back with loads of background noise and my husband said that he could hear me clearly and couldn’t tell that I was wearing headphones to answer his call. He was quite surprised. From my side I found the sound quality coming in from the call great but it sounded weird to me when I was talking as my own voice felt muffled to me due to the headphones being over ear. However that is more to do with the over ear nature of the headphones than anything else.

The only thing in terms of function with these headphones is that they have 2 cables one for each ear which feels like it gets in the way at times. Also if you ever wanted to replace the cable for any reason you would need to find a stockist of the two way split flat cable to replace this which is not easy to find so whatever you do don’t break the cable!  Which is another thing… I did actually break the cable and not at the top where the cable goes into the ear but at the join going into the splitter. I got the cable caught round my plane seat and as I got up it pulled but the ear connectors didn’t come out the join one did. 😦

Sound Quality

The sound quality of these headphones was something that I really wasn’t expecting considering the price of them and the fact that they are from a fashion brand.  Ted Baker are known for quality and design with their clothes and they really do seem to have nailed it when it comes to sound quality in their headphones. I compared these headphones directly with the more expensive Sennheiser Samba Momentum on ear headphones and they are pretty closely matched.  In fact I would almost say they sounded close to identical and yet the Sennheiser headphones are almost £100 more expensive which begs the question why wouldn’t you get the Ted Baker Rockall headphones as they look so much more feminine and stylish with the sound quality to match.


I think I have pretty much already covered the price in many ways but when you then find out that these headphones are in Selfridges in the sale at the moment for £99 whilst the Sennheiser Momentum is in the sale at £209 I know which set of headphones I would buy. Ted Baker all the way!


We had our ups and downs with these headphones but to be honest I fell in love with them from the moment I saw the style and design.  I had hoped that they could live up to my expectations when it came to sound quality and they certainly managed to smash that out of the park.  As for price well with Spring bargains I would say grab a pair ready for summer because they are the most stylish and beautiful headphones for women right now and you won’t be disappointed. Just be careful with that cable.

I’m actually going to go back to the PR agency that supplied these headphones and see what the process is for replacing that cable and will provide an update as I’m sure they must be able to be sorted.

6 thoughts on “Ted Baker Rockall On-Ear Headphones Review”

    1. I did ask the PR agency to get back to me but no one ever did. Have you had the same issue that I had with these? If yes drop me a quick email to sarah at sjlamb dot com and I’ll ask their PR folks to get in touch and pass on your email details to them.


  1. hi nice review. I bough a pair of the tan ones for £32! yippee I though but the cable was duff. I will be able to make up a new one with 2x 3.5mm jack to jack leads and a splitter. All from ebay. Can’t use the button controls for muter etc but no big deal if using with a hifi


    1. hi it was in TKmaxx while hoaking through the cheap wallets, these cans were at the back. I have spoken to Ted Baker audio and they said they would pass my request for a new lead to their next in lines. I’m not that hopeful though and can’t complain due to the price. I have made a custom lead up. It’s not pretty but works a treat.

      Essentially whats needed is: A stereo to 2x mono splitter. Most on ebay are fully stereo though so you just get a copy of mono on both ears ! which sounds bad. Then 2x 3.5mm leads. These need to be mono again as otherwise these no sound unless you pull the leads out a bit from the headphones, which is naff. If you’re not able to use your phones at all, let me know and I can have a bash at making you a custom lead for free, cheers Alan


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