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Review: Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro

One device, so many uses
One device, so many uses

I have had the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro for almost a month and rather than doing yet another first look style article, I thought a more in depth review would be more appropriate.

When this device first arrived I thought I would mainly use it like a second screen for around the house and instead of a laptop when out and about. Interestingly those initial scenarios were only the start of how I have ended up using it. We have even modified areas of our home to make best use of the features.

We don’t have a TV in our bedroom so if we want to watch TV in bed we tend to use TV streaming services, Nextflix or Amazon Prime Video on a laptop. The projector in the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro transforms the bedroom TV viewing experience. The sound quality on this little device is great and combined with the projector makes for a great portable solution. If you aren’t far enough away from the wall then it can be a bit tricky to focus. In our case to get maximum distance we put the tablet on a hook just above the bed as far back as possible. We added the hook just for this purpose as putting it on your lap even on a tray really isn’t stable enough. The slightest movements meant refocusing the tablet which just gets annoying after a while.  It is great on flat stable surfaces like a desk though and the image quality is great.

i have ended up using this to read my kindle books, do Christmas shopping online and even cook a few cakes. again the hook came in handy as did the AnyPen technology. i didn’t have to put my flour covered hands on the screen to move the page up and down.

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When it comes to the spec of this device it crams a huge amount of tech into a small device. the battery life is great and you won’t be disappointed. I just checked on the Lenovo site and at the moment it is selling in the US for $449.99. one to watch for those of us here in the UK that’s for sure!

For the geeks, this device packs in the Intel® Atom™ x 5-Z8500 Processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB storage with expansion to 128GB, 10200 mAh battery providing 18 hrs usage time or 49 days on standby, a  10.1″ QHD display and QHD projector, a 5 MP Front-facing Camera and 13 MP Rear-facing camera, 4 Front-facing JBL® Speakers with Dolby® Atmos™, Wifi Bluetooth and GPS all inbuilt to the latest standards.  I’m wondering what more they could possibly squeeze in…

A friend asked if this was going to be available on Windows and from what I have heard this will be an Android only device.  It makes me wonder how many other Lenovo tablets will also go this way in the future.

Please note that I am a Lenovo Insider and this device was provided for free. That being said these views are my own and I try not to be biased towards the brand, on this occasion the device was great and I am pleased to have been gifted it.

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