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Philips Airfryer – An Essential Kitchen Gadget for Fussy Children

If like me you have a fussy eater in your household then you already know all about the battles to find healthy but accepted food for your fussy eater.l, in my case this is my 2 year old toddler. Today I am going to share the details of one kitchen gadget that has really helped get my son to eat a wider range of foods in a healthy way.

I am by no means the perfect parent. We all have days where we just don’t have time to cook something proper and with having been the mum to two under two I have more of these than I would like.  My 2 year old son is some what of a fussy eater.  He is strong willed and knows what he does and doesn’t like. No amount of coaxing and persuading will get him to try a pea or a piece of cooked carrot so instead I have taken to hiding it within things he likes. He’s been like this since he was about 11 months old and is stubborn (cute and cheeky but very stubborn).

My son loves anything breadcrumbed or fried, oh no I hear you say… that isn’t good. All that fat and processed food can’t be good for anyone. That was what my response was… Trying to break my son out of this habit has been virtually impossible so instead we have embraced his desire for breadcrumbs. It’s a texture thing… he also had the same with cheerio’s when he was about 8 months old… Everything had to have a cheerio on to[ or he wouldn’t eat it! I do mean everything – Beef Stew, Chicken pasta, you name it… it had a cheerio on top! Fortunately he grew out of that one.

So how do you make breadcrumbed and fried food healthy?  Simple… Make your own fishfingers, breadcrumb chicken breast and chop up vegetables into balls or fingers and breadcrumb those too. Make some homemade chips (sweet potato, potato,  parsnip etc.) or a rosti or two… A few eggs, bread and a teeny bit of oil and voila, a range of toddler friendly foods. That sounds great but how do you ensure they are fried without a huge pan of fat?

Here is the gadget that ensures you don’t need to use loads of fat to cook all these tasty toddler meals… the Philips Airfryer.  It is great! It has a range of temperature settings, and you just put the food in the basket, set the timer and off it goes. The first few attempts are a bit hit and miss with temperatures and oil quantities but once you get the hang of things there is no looking back.

Homemade fish and chips come out so well that we rarely bother going out to our local takeaway for these anymore. We have managed to get my fussy toddler eating more vegetables than he realizes and slowly he is now starting to accept some of the vegetables on their own.  I guess he recognizes some of the flavors so isn’t put off by them.

Once we got him eating homemade chips we also managed to get him to try ketchup and from there homemade dipping sauces.  Life with two under two became a whole lot easier once we found this gadget and I hope this tip helps others with fussy eaters.

Whilst I do get given some devices to try out from Philips for free this AirFryer was bought by me with my own hard earned money. There was no discount and no free demo device. 

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