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Sennheiser MOMENTUM On-Ear Headphone Review

Being a big fan of in ear headphones and a Sennheiser fan I was excited to be able to have a good play with the latest MOMENTUM on-ear headphones in the Brazilian World Cup colours.  After all you can’t help but get swept up in what was World Cup mayhem!

I’m not usually one for on-ear headphones as they are usually too big, heavy and bulky however these are not all that heavy and look pretty stylish. I don’t have a big head so usually on-ear headphones and especially over ear headphones just look silly on me. My husband has the opposite issue they tend to press too hard on his ears as his head is wider than mine. So headphones that work for me don’t usually work for him. These were different.  Their flexible metal frames flex outwards and you can extend them down in the usual way too.

When I first opened the box of these headphones the immediate thing that grabbed my attention was the tactile nature of them from the metal frame to the well made comfy band over the top.  The detailing of the finish is excellent and these headphones feel really hard wearing. They come with a protective storage bag and a solid case both in soft tactile materials. I thought the storage case would mark and wear with time but it’s actually pretty hard wearing. I’ve taken them about all over the place for the last 3 weeks or so and still the case looks as good as new.

The headphones come with two different cables, one for use with your iPhone so you can make and take calls through them and another that is just straight through sound without the distraction and weight of the phone remote. Both cables fit neatly into the case so you don’t have to be without either.

So that you can see what I’m talking about I’ve grabbed the video of the headphones from the Sennheiser website. Whilst the video is very marketing it does give a really good overview of the headphones look and feel.

Price wise these are pretty competitive at £169.95 and when you compare the build quality to other brands I’d choose these hands down.  You never know you may even manage to get hold of the special editions a little cheaper now that the World Cup is pretty much done and dusted!

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