Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11s Review

For the past month I’ve been using my shiny new Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11s laptop as my main machine. My first impression of this laptop is that it is small and understated… In fact you might be tricked into thinking it was a low powered machine based on its size when in fact it has a nifty i7 processor and 8gb ram… Whilst it is small it is nippy!

Being both a blogger and someone who likes to get their hands dirty in code from time to time I like to have a laptop that is both portable and that has enough oomph to run apps like Visual Studio and such like without taxing the machine too much.  The device emulators have been the one thing that really cause chaos and slow the machines down and if I’m doing video editing I need something that is going to cut it. Fortunately for me this little machine is just the ticket.

It would probably not have been the first machine I thought of when looking online but it probably should have been!  Looking around on the web at alternatives to it, there’s not a lot to compare it to really. The only thing this doesn’t have is SSD. Instead it’s got a pretty big 500GB HDD but that’s no bad thing as it means I can get all my content on here without issue.

The other thing that I like about this machine is the “Yoga” aspect, the ability to turn the screen over and use the device as a tablet or on the train in “tent” mode. The one thing I wish is that the screen could be used with a pen as well as with my finger. That way I could write my notes in OneNote and convert them to text. I could also sketch out ideas better that way too. Maybe I should send that back as feedback to the LenovoIN program and see what they say. 🙂  Unfortunately I’ve not managed to find this machine in stock anywhere in the UK or US now… It’s that popular!

What laptop are you using and why?

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