#IFA2014 – Gadgets Spotlight

Whilst at the IFA 2014 gadget convention with Lenovo I did get some free time to look around a few of the other halls and stands.  This article showcases some of my favourite gadgets that I saw whilst I was there.

There were a few very common themes across IFA this year with almost every stand sporting some kind of smartwatch or other. In fact almost every brand I came across had one. Brands included LG, Samsung, Sony, Philips, Garmin and even Epsom. You couldn’t step anywhere without seeing another smartwatch.  Each had their benefits and drawbacks but there really weren’t any that made me go oohhh I need that one. The biggest issue that I had with these devices was that they just weren’t at all feminine and all seemed to want to replace your ordinary watch with their “Smart” watch.  Depending on which one you tried out depended on how “smart” it was too. Many were using the Android Wear OS whilst some were using their own proprietary software. Be warned these pics don’t make for pretty watches!

As you can see these were just a few of the technologies making their way to shops near you. What technology and gadgets are you looking forward to arriving in time for Christmas and why?

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