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Philips VisaCare First Look

Whilst at IFA last month we took the VisaCare Exfoliator for a test run and I have to say I was not disappointed. It was actually really interesting to give this beauty gadget a try. We don’t usually do beauty gadgets here on GirlyGeekdom but I’m glad we took this for its first run as it’s now on my Christmas gift list.

Here’s the list of what this little gadget does:

  • Innovative microdermabrasion technology for safe, easy and effective use at home
  • Helps the natural cell renewal process inside the skin to realize firmer and smoother feeling, visibly radiant skin, with a youthful glow
  • Gently and effectively massages the skin to encourage blood circulation, while removing dead skin cells and sparking the natural cell renewal process to maintain a youthful look
  • Developed with and extensively tested by everyday women for optimum results
  • Offers two different treatment tips that can be interchanged, allowing women to tailor treatments to suit their personal skin requirements and preferences

What did Philips have to say about it:

“We know that women want to look and feel their best and we understand how the latest innovations in skincare technology can help achieve that,” says Stefan Verhoeven, Category Leader Beauty and Skincare at Philips. “That is why we have created the Philips VisaCare, a unique skin resurfacing tool that offers women an easy-to-use, safe and effective solution to fight those first signs of aging from the comfort of their homes. In fact, during testing, 93% of women who tried the product said their skin felt instantly smoother.”

And finally here is us taking it out for a spin with the staff on the Philips stand!  And yes I did take my baby boy with me! And why not… He loved the lights and sensory experience of IFA! I don’t know why more parents don’t take their youngsters.

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