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A week with the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro & The Launch!

I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of Lenovo's latest products and what a launch it was.  The latest Lenovo products quite simply took your breath away.  To be honest I really wasn't expecting to go oooh and aaaah!  It was like watching a firework display but better! The products that were launched at this event… Continue reading A week with the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro & The Launch!


Post it notes for geeks!

So often us geeks tend to use post it notes for one thing or another. Whilst the history of these incredibly useful sticky notes is fascinating that's not what this article is a about. We randomly came across these little beauties! Tetris Notes!  Why not put all your notes into a game of tetris... I… Continue reading Post it notes for geeks!


Nook Glowlight Review

Just before I headed out to the IFA conference I was sent the Nook Glowlight e reader to review.  We haven't done an e reader review for some time. In fact the last one we did was the Coolerbooks e-reader which is no longer in circulation! I have been a long time and avid user… Continue reading Nook Glowlight Review


Archos Smart Home Review

The Archos Smart Home consists of a home tablet as the central console, 2 mini-cam's, 2 weather tags and 2 movement tags.  You can also get additional peripherals including smart plugs and motion balls. We took the basic kit for a bit of a spin round our house in a few different scenario's and here's… Continue reading Archos Smart Home Review