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Technology: The Gift That Just Keeps Giving

Christmas time is a time for giving and a time for sharing
We give some lovely gifts but what happens to all the old technology that we no longer need? Often it gets put in a cupboard or handed down to a family member. But what if there was a better way to share and give… What if you could donate your old technology to your local school, community centre or library where it could be used by more than just one person. Wouldn’t that be better than it being left in a cupboard?

You get that warm fuzzy feeling when you have done something good.  Meanwhile people who don’t always have access to the technology gain access to it in an environment that is designed for learning and exploring with the support networks around them to help!

Technology Giving in Action

A while back I wrote about how our local pre-school asked if any parents could donate an old laptop.  As some of you may remember I gave the school my old netbook and they were really grateful. I also put a call out to Lenovo asking them if they might be able to help with something newer and more modern.

Well my request didn’t go unanswered! Lenovo delivered and delivered in style! They sent me a wonderful school care package with a touch screen laptop complete with wireless mouse that could fold back on itself so the keyboard could be hidden from the children.  They also included a transformable tablet (Miix 2) which I also preloaded with the school software and a bag to keep it all in and a few other bits and pieces as well.

The pre-school were absolutely delighted and really were so very pleased and humbled to be given it. They didn’t expect it and it was something they never imagined could happen. A Christmas dream come true!

The whole thing really got me thinking though about what happens to all those laptops, tablets and mobile phones that people replace at Christmas and made me wonder if there is an opportunity to get more people into the Christmas spirit.

So my request to you this Christmas is think about what you can do with your old technology and gadgets that are being retired this Christmas. Don’t just leave them in a cupboard. Make it your resolution to find them a new home where they can continue to be used and loved.

It will help with learning, help with the environment and help create opportunities!

And if you want to read more about the gift of giving check out my interview with Lenovo.

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