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Lenovo Yoga 910 – First Impressions

I have been lucky enough to get my hands on the new Lenovo Yoga 910 convertible tablet pc. Having previously owned the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro and a number of other Yoga devices I was keen to see how the latest edition stacked up.

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As you can see from the pictures this is a beautiful device and along with it’s remarkably good looks it has the power under the hood to do a lot more than just your usual office docs. I not only use this device for every day web browsing and work but also for art and graphics software and on the odd occasion firing up Visual Studio and getting my hands dirty in code and so far I haven’t found it to lag at all.

Inside it has the latest 7th Gen Intel i7 processor, 16GB ram, 10 hr battery life and a 1Tb hard drive along with it’s touch screen and fancy 4k high definition display and JBL speakers built in. Which really isn’t something to be sniffed at when you consider it’s retail price of £1299.99 price tag.

Whilst this is a little heavier than the previous Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro it is still just as stylish so if you need that extra oomph or considerable storage in a portable and highly functional laptop then this is a great option.

If I could change two things about it they would be only having a single standard USB port as I use a graphics tablet and my Axidraw which both use standard USB and I like using them both at the same time. I would also change the camera location for doing Skype calls. I do a lot of calls for work and it is at the bottom of the screen which is great when you are working on docs but not so great for doing video calls as you are then forced to use tent mode or you get some really odd angles on camera.

Other than that I would say it’s a fantastic device. If I could add a new feature to it I would add active touch, that way I wouldn’t need my graphics tablet for drawing. (In that sense the Lenovo Yoga ThinkPad Series are probably the better choice for me.)

Disclosure: I am a Lenovo Insider and as such get sent devices like this to try out and provide my opinion of the devices in the public domain. All views are my own.

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