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Review: Logitech Spotlight Remote the Smart Way to do a Presentation

As many of you know I tend to do a lot of presentations and talks at events, more often than not those presentations have slides to go with them and at that point the long running issue of flicking through slides whilst on stage comes up. Do you pop over to the laptop and click to move on… do you have a wireless presenter, or just a normal mouse in your hand? These are all questions and the one thing you need is a reliable solution that just works.

I was sent the Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote to try out. It’s not a cheap solution to the problem coming in at £119. However I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could install the software and have it charged and working within 10 minutes from out of the box. Note it doesn’t come charged but only takes 3 minutes to charge it enough to use for an hour. Once fully charged it has remained on standby and has been usable the rest of the week so doesn’t lose charge quickly. You do have to install software to make this device work properly and the software isn’t the most intuitive. Some of the settings that I would have expected as default were not set at all to start with. However once I realised this I soon set it up and got it working how I would prefer.

I liked the ability to highlight an area using the spotlight feature however it felt to me like it could do with a spotlight and zoom function rather than just highlighting it and it took a while for me to realise it could do that but you had to change the settings. The software has the ability zoom to do that but you couldn’t change the amount of zoom. It felt like that part was kind of gimmicky at that point but if you were trying to highlight code segments I could see it working well.

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The device comes with a USB charger, USB receiver and a storage pouch to keep everything in. It is well designed, easy to use and very tactile. I couldn’t help wanting to hold it in my meeting. It kind of has a bit of an Apple feel to it and reminded me of the old iPod’s in it’s design. All my tests for this were done on a Windows 10 Laptop btw so if you are an Apple user you may find some of the features in the app different to my experience.

Overall I would say this is a good presenter remote however I suspect there are also others that are a lot cheaper that could do the same job. But if style is high on your list when in front of a crowd this is a nice sleek design and I never once had it fail on me.

This particular device was sent to me to review by Maplin, they didn’t pay me to write it but have let me keep the device.

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