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A stunning retro keyboard with a modern twist

In the middle of snowmageddon our local postman braved the elements to deliver me a beautiful and stylish new gadget. One that I am absolutely in love with. It’s geeky, cool and oh so stunningly retro but contemporary! And it’s a keyboard… (I never thought I would say that about a keyboard.)

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The Azio Retro Classic Bluetooth keyboard is a design that was originally put forward as an indigogo project and got fully funded. Azio released this version of their keyboard in August last year, however was only available in the US. Now anyone in Europe can buy one as well. It’s one of those gadgets that is the perfect gift for anyone slightly geeky. So if you are stuck on a gift idea for mom, your sister or that special person this might be just what you are after.

At market the Bluetooth version is sold for $219.99 (USB for $189.99) and comes in four styles (don’t let the price put you off… look out for bargains and offers:

  • ONYX—black leather with black chromed frame
  • POSH—white leather with copper matte frame (This is the one in my pics)
  • ARTISAN—black leather with copper matte frame
  • ELWOOD—walnut wood with gunmetal matte frame

Inspired by vintage typewriters and crafted with ultramodern features, the Azio Retro Classic is the perfect amalgam of past, present and future. A backlit mechanical keyboard with round key caps that evoke nostalgia of yesteryear complemented with durable Zinc alloy frame and a sumptuous genuine leather or wood surface.

The technical description above really doesn’t do this keyboard justice. The packaging alone reminded me of a high end watch. You open it up and the keyboard is revealed. It is weighted so when you lift it out of the box it immediately gives you a feeling this is something different and special. The keys you just want to touch. That click clack on the keys takes you back to the days of those first computer keyboards. The sound as you type is mesmerizing and calming all at the same time. The spacing between the keys is comfortable and makes it easy to use. It has a proper keypad. Not just the numbers above the letters which make it so much quicker to enter stuff into spreadsheets.

When you use the keyboard the lights come on with a gentle glow. Honestly it is one of the prettiest and most nicely designed and tactile keyboards that I have had the pleasure to use. I can be a bit of a keyboard snob but this keyboard is a keeper. Aizo sent it and it’s not going back.

You can buy the Azio keyboard here. (Affiliate link)

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