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A stunning retro keyboard with a modern twist

Azio Retro Classic Posh keyboard Review. An independent perspective of this contemporary retro couture leather and copper bluetooth mechanical computer keyboard.


Women in Technology – A Fad or A Fact?

Once again the subject of women in technology has come up again. This time because Melinda Gates has put her name and foundation behind this cause. The thing is we as women in technology have seen these initiatives come and go time and time again. Some of us have even tried to make change happen… Continue reading Women in Technology – A Fad or A Fact?


Inspire: Three Questions with LJ Rich

In our fourth video of our Inspire series we asked BBC Click's LJ Rich and all tech wonder girl what got her into gadgets and technology. What you may not realise is that LJ is both into technology and music and she recently won a music hackathon! LJ has a music degree and doesn't have your typical tech… Continue reading Inspire: Three Questions with LJ Rich